Individual Operations • Stubble-to-Stubble • Whole Farm Contracts

Individual Operations

We offer a full range of services priced on an individual basis, these include:


(both vaderstadt and combination)


Oilseed Rape Establishment
(using seeder mounted to a cousins flatlift)

(with gps steering, ideal for fields without tramlines)

Fertiliser Spreading
(conventional or variable rate)


Along with many more services.

Stubble to Stubble

We offer a stubble to stubble service. We provide all operations from establishment to harvest at an agreed rate.

The rate is higher than that for the whole farm contract agreement, but we take no profit share. The disadvantage to the landlord is that they take all of the risk on the crop and do not get their retention payments throughout the year which reflects on the cashflow.

A management charge may be applicable if the land owner requires services other than those already agreed such as the implementation of environmental schemes etc.

Whole Farm Contracts

We offer a whole farm contracting agreement. The basis of this type of agreement is that the Farmer/Landlord pays for all variable inputs, namely seed, fertiliser, sprays etc via a seperate bank account. Honingham Thorpe Farms would pay for all machinery, labour and fuel costs.

Both parties recieve an agreed first charge paid in equal installments throughout the year with any surplus being split at an agreed percentage at the conclusion of each cropping year.